Stephen King’s IT Remake Gets Release Date

Stephen King’s horror classic “IT” has long been confirmed to be receiving a remake, and although spending a year in development hell, the film finally has a release date in place, and plans are now fully in motion. The project will be overseen by Warner Bros. and having seen Cara Fukunaga leave after many delays, the movie officially has a new director, (rumoured now to be “Mama” director Andy Muschietti).


Warner Bros. Have announced that the upcoming reboot will be split into two parts, the reason being that the film makers want to show multiple points of view, with the first movie being the children’s perspectives, and the second from the adults. For those unfamiliar, IT is Stephen King’s 1986 book about a group of friends who are haunted and tormented by a demon clown who preys on their respective fears. The original movie released as a two-part television movie in 1990 and starred Tim Curry as Pennywise, the movie antagonist. In this new reboot it is said that Pennywise will remain the same in appearance but will be played by Will Poulter.


There is little else to share now about news on the movie but what we can share is that part 1 will be released September 8th 2017.


Image Credit – ABC


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