Strike Force | Gotham

I know I didn’t write a review of Gotham last week, so if you missed it here’s a quick recap: Theo (the one that broke the crazies out) put himself in the city’s good graces by killing Jerome in right in front of Gotham’s rich and famous.

Now there’s a new villain in town. Don’t worry, there’s also a new police commissioner.

The new commissioner immediately proves he’s changing things my by firing several police officers and the one that complains about it he arrests immediately. Almost immediately he makes Gordon his second in command.

While all that is going down at the police station, the new villain is trying to recruit Penguin to be his helper. Penguin doesn’t want to be anyone’s minion again, however Theo found the proper motivation for the Penguin … Mommy Dearest.

Now Gordon and the Commissioner are making their own A-Team and the Penguin has become a hitman for Theo.

Alfred just hit a little girl? I mean I know she’s going to grow up to be Cat Woman but was that really necessary?

Mr. Enigma is getting crazier and crazier. I don’t think Ms. Kringle knows quite what she signed up for by agreeing to go to dinner with him. However, that hairstyle she just showed up wearing is a little crazy so maybe this is a good match.

I guess Gordon and Penguin’s friendship is officially over since the Penguin is now enemy number one.

This new season “The Rise of the Villains” is proving to be very promising. I’m loving the craziness of all the new villains and I feel like overall this season is much improved over last. I can’t wait to see what happens next!

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