Summer Quick Takes by Travis

The following is pretty much just a quick run down of all the movies I have seen so far this summer! Enjoy!


The Summer Blockbuster season has come and gone, and it was a rather full and exciting summer. Jurassic World dominated everything and Avengers: Age of Ultron advanced the story in the most popular current movie universe, and Ant-Man came along to surprise everyone; it’s been quite the full Summer. (also, I say most popular current universe because Star Wars hasn’t come out yet so chill!)

Terminator may have been so-so, but Inside Out certainly rocked and Minions was serviceable. We got a Fantastic 4 movie that was surrounded in controversy and turned out terrible because of studio tweaking and agenda. Tom Cruise can still do more pushups than me, and George Miller deserves an Oscar for Mad Max. Adam Sandler proved…well that he’s still not the Adam Sandler we all grew up loving. Wet Hot American Summer is still hilarious. Tomorrowland was really bland. Magic Mike XXL was exactly what everyone thought the 1st one was going to be. Southpaw would have been bad had it been cast any different. Turns out Max is about a dog and not about Mad Max. Trainwreck was hilarious, as was Lebron James’ hair piece he wore for the movie (shoutout to the costume people or VFX, whomever put that hair on him!). Vacation is not as good as the original, and Meryl Streep is pretty good in Ricki and the Flash. The Gift is crazy, mildly predictable, but still pretty nuts. Straight Outta Compton is a fantastic film, btw ICE CUBE’S SON LOOKS JUST LIKE HIM, LIKE WHAAAT.


That pretty much covers everything I’ve seen this summer. These are my quick takes.


Any thoughts?

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