Super Saiyan Frieza – Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection of F Review

Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection of F

Great Pace. Resurrection of F has a great pace, it was not as slow as War of the gods. It did a great job of keeping you engaged with fighting, comedy, and story progressions. Another nice thing is that I always knew what was going on, whereas in past Dragon Ball Z and anime movies, I had no idea what was going on.

Character Interactions! I love how this movie was not just about Goku and Vegeta. It actually did a great job of highlighting every other major character such as Krillen, Tien, Piccolo, and even Android 18. I also love how Bulma doesn’t care about Beerus’ and Whis’ godliness. Beerus is continues to threaten the destruction of the planet but actually seems to love planet earth. On top of that, both Beerus’ and Whis’ both seem to love earth and care about Goku, Vegeta, and its inhabitants.

Spoiler Alert!!! 

One of my favorite moments is when Android 18 said, “He’s so cool,” after Krillin flew off to help everyone else in the fight. I love the fact that Krillin is also a cop, it’s a fitting job for him. 

Frieza is actually scary again (in terms of strength and power), he was more than arrogant… he was narcissistic and completely self-involved, only caring about himself and his own development and strength. It was fun to learn that Frieza had never trained a day in his life, he was just that strong just by lazily sitting in his hover-pod back in the old days on planet Namek.

Interesting Relationships. It was really weird to see the fight between Goku and Frieza, then Vegeta and Frieza, and then … yeah, because although Frieza is one of the biggest threats in the universe, he also talks to everyone as an old friend. And they made it seem that the only reason why Vegeta didn’t want to kill Goku is because of the rival aspect.


I see how everybody is hyped about this movie, it was really fun. I didn’t think that they could actually make Frieza scary again because Akira Toriyama had spent so much time making him not scary through movies and previous bad guys. They did a great job of reinvigorating my interest in the franchise and I’m excited to see whatever else they have in store.

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