Super Smash Bros Character Snubs – Waluigi

The forgotten child of the Super Mario franchise, Waluigi has been left out of so many games that he deserves to have his chance to stand toe-to-toe with Nintendo’s most popular characters. Waluigi is Luigi’s counterpart much like how Wario is Mario’s counterpart. While Waluigi has never had a game of his own, he’s been featured in many different Nintendo games spanning from the year 2000. If Wario gets his own game why shouldn’t Waluigi? Nintendo, please make this happen!

Waluigi is mainly featured in the various sports games that Nintendo pushes out. His very first appearance was in Mario Tennis for the Nintendo 64. He’s also been a regular character in the Mario Party, Mario Golf, Mario Kart, Mario Baseball, and he’s also been in other games. With his exclusion in all these various games, why hasn’t Waluigi been featured as a playable character in Smash? As far as his inclusion in Smash goes, Waluigi was available as a trophy in Melee and an assist trophy in both Brawl and the latest version of Smash.

As far as how he would play in Smash, I think it would be cool if the various sports games were incorporated in his moveset. He could have a combination of both projectile and melee attacks using various aspects from the different games he’s been featured in. A tennis racket could be used for a smash attack. For a breakdown of his possible moveset, click here.

What do you think? Should Waluigi be included in Smash? I personally am ok with him not being in the game if it means other prominent characters are included since Waluigi doesn’t have a game of his own. However it would be nice to see him get some recognition from Nintendo. We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

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