Supergirl Episode 3 Review – No Spoilers


Rating: 6/10

I really don’t know how I feel about this show yet. I thought episode 1 was a bit corny and felt that episode 2 was a definite improvement. However, Supergirl Episode 3 for me felt like too much was being juggled and I find myself feeling the same way I did when I watched Arrow season 1. What I mean is I feel like Supergirl is trying to make the show a great superhero show but also appeal to women by adding the girl moments. Some of the girl moments we see are the “sister” scenes between Kara and Alex and the little love triangle between Kara, James, and Winn. I guess for someone who wants to see more than just a superhero show, this is awesome, but I personally would prefer to see more focus on Supergirl and her powers rather than Kara’s relationships. I feel like The Flash does the best job of focusing on Barry, his powers, and good villains while maintaining his normal life and relationships. If Supergirl found this balance, I think it would be an awesome show.

The one thing that still really keeps this show down at a 6 rather than an 8 or 9 is the dialogue and acting. To be honest, I stopped watching the episode because I was bored at one point and finished it at a later time. I just felt that much of the events that happened were somewhat predictable. At different times throughout the episode, my wife would say “seriously?” because of how corny the dialogue is. The acting isn’t that great as well. The best character on the show is the one we all hate, Cat Grant (A.K.A. Ally McBeal).

There are some positives to Supergirl Episode 3. I thought that Reactron was an appropriately strong villain and I liked that they tied him with Superman. Kara’s fight with Reactron wasn’t that bad either. The special effects were also pretty good for a TV show and the limited time and budget that they have. I will continue to watch this season to see where the story goes. Hopefully the story will start to pick up and Supergirl will be challenged more than she has been so far.

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