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Supergirl: World's Finest - Flash Crossover Episode Review - Cinema Shelf
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Supergirl: World’s Finest – Flash Crossover Episode Review

Rating: 8/10


Comic book nerds can now rest in peace knowing that they got to see a crossover between two of DC Comics’ TV characters in Supergirl and The Flash. The episode picks up where last week’s episode left off, with Siobhan Smythe, who Cat Grant fired in a previous episode, learned that she has a super power. She can essentially scream at super sonic levels much like the Black Canary can on Arrow. This brings her to the D.E.O. where she learns about Livewire, who has similar motivations in that they both hate Cat Grant and both want either Supergirl or Kara Danvers dead. I felt that this story really worked because we got to see some great character development for Siobhan throughout the last few episodes.

I was also pleasantly surprised at how well Barry Allen A.K.A. The Flash fit in this episode. I found myself enjoying every scene that Barry was in. I only wish Supergirl existed on the same earth as the CW DC shows. Somehow, Barry managed to run to Supergirl’s earth with what looks like to be one of Harrison Well’s contraptions on his chest. We never really got an explanation as to what the device is, I assume we will in the next episode of The Flash. What really impressed me though was how Barry was written in. The writers used Barry to continue different story lines. We saw Jimmy Olsen grow with jealousy over the chemistry between Barry and Kara, which eventually led to their first kiss at the end of the episode. They also used Barry to help bring the reputation of Supergirl back up. A few episodes ago, Supergirl gave herself a bad reputation when she went crazy, and she struggled to gain the trust back from the people of National City. Barry was able to help her through that. I also enjoyed the fact that Cat Grant knew that Barry was The Flash and called him “The Blur” anyway. Cat Grant A.K.A. Ally McBeal is probably the best character on the show.

It was very fitting that the team up of The Flash and Supergirl happened this week with the premiere of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice being last week. We also got a team up on the villain side with Livewire and Silver Banshee. The one criticism I have for this week’s episode was that these two villains seemed to be overpowered. With Silver Banshee just learning about her powers and Livewire seeming to be a more street level villain, I was surprised that they were able to hold their own against both Supergirl and The Flash.

Overall, this crossover event brought a strong episode for Supergirl. Barry fit so well with the various characters on the show that it really saddens me that they don’t exist on the same planet. I hope that we get to see another crossover between Supergirl and the CW heroes. I assume this will probably happen again in the future, but that is greatly dependent upon whether Supergirl gets renewed for another season.

What did you think of the Supergirl and The Flash crossover event? Let us know in the comments below!

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