Survivor: Second Chance Episode 1 Review

Rating: 8/10

The newest season of Survivor brings us everything we love about survivor and a little more. If you didn’t know, Survivor is in their 31st season and it is titled Survivor: Second Chance. In this season, the contestants were selected by viewers who voted online from a pool of past contestants who had only been on the show once and did not win. I am personally a fan of these repeat contestant seasons because everyone already knows how to play the game and there is so much more competition. I highly recommend season 20 of Survivor in which they called it Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains.

Another big twist to this season is the implementation of the hidden immunity idol. Instead of hiding the idol at camp, the contestants can only find a clue to the idol at camp. The actual idol is hidden somewhere at the immunity challenges every week! While only the people who see the clue may know where the idol is, in order for them to get the idol they have to grab it during the challenge. This is something that we’ve never seen in Survivor and it makes for really dramatic television.

I gave this episode an eight because it had a good mix of gameplay and drama. We got to see strategy and alliances being built from the moment contestants got to camp and we also got to see a bit of drama. I really like seeing how different contestants play the game. Some choose to remain quiet and fly under the radar while others, like Vytas, decide to try to be friends with everyone, which can lead you to being voted out (Oops, spoilers?).

My favorite part of this episode was the immunity challenge. The way the producers and editors cut that whole scene was amazing. Seeing Kelley contemplate and debate grabbing the idol was so suspenseful! She was great though. She found the most opportune moment when her tribe made their move to grab their key. Kelley did it without anyone even suspecting that she has an idol. I really liked the final twist they added when they made the tribe go to tribal council immediately.

From just this first episode, the rest of the season seems promising. Jeff Probst is such an amazing host and I can’t imagine this show without him. My favorite contestant by far is Keith who is on the Bayon tribe. He was amazing in Survivor: Blood vs. Water.  I hope that we see a lot more of him this season. I really wish that I could watch another episode right now. I suppose I can wait till next week.


Voted out this week: Vytas Baskauskas

Days Left: 47

Survivors Left: 19

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