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Tekken 7 'Rage and Sorrow' Trailer & Thoughts - Cinema Shelf
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Tekken 7 ‘Rage and Sorrow’ Trailer & Thoughts

At last. Tekken 7 has a console release date, and not just that, but a very intense and hype raising story trailer to go with it. A series that is so important to me on a personal level, some of my earliest memories of experiencing a real mind-blowing journey in video games came from the original Tekken. A time where blocky limbs and moon gravity combat were the norm. To have seen the evolution and progression this series has made throughout the years has been incredible and the sheer amount of memorable characters and explosive rivalries has meant that Tekken stands as one of the worlds greatest fighter, an icon of the genre.

Speaking in the here and now though, the game looks absolutely stunning, for a game that has always prided itself on being a visual spectacle, this one truly looks set to be the most impressive and beautiful yet. NAMCO have utilised the Unreal Engine to its fullest by the looks of it and each character appears so enriched with detail and vibrancy that just the opportunity to see how each moves across the screen and interacts with environmental impacts as well as the physical will be reason enough to familiarise yourself with just about every character on offer, of which currently NAMCO have promised over 30, both old and new.

The trailer makes a point of showing off how smooth and effortlessly it sows together cut scenes and gameplay with ridiculously clean transitions making for constant immersion and an important flowing atmosphere, it also highlights the end of an era, and the conclusion to the fierce and brutal rivalry of father and son cover combatants, Kazuya and Heihachi Mishima. The feud that has existed as long as the franchise and has seen father and son throw each other off of mountains and volcanoes, as well as going to war with each other in an effort to rid themselves of the other once and for all, will finally see its conclusion in what promises to be the ultimate battle.

I’m so excited, and with a release date of June 2nd, it’s still a waiting game that will feel like forever, but a waiting game that is most certainly going to be worth it. Does the end of this war mark the end of Tekken, or the opportunity to venture into new beginnings later on? That will be the inevitable question from this point on.


Image and Trailer – NAMCO

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