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Ten Things You Need to Know About Pokèmon Go - Cinema Shelf
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Ten Things You Need to Know About Pokèmon Go

All information relates to beta version, is subject to change in final build.

With the much anticipated mobile game Pokemon Go on the horizon, and the beta recently being dropped in Japan (29th of March to be exact), we now have new information about the game and just what we should expect when it eventually finds its way onto our phones later on this year.


#1. Locating Pokemon

Upon opening the app you’ll be presented with a map, and marked on that map are the locations of different Pokemon, now it isn’t quite clear how often the types of Pokemon will refresh but what is known, is that if you want to find different Pokemon in a short space of time, you will have to venture out, you won’t just find them all in your garden.


#2. Gotta Catch Em All

So you’ve found a wild Pokemon? Well the next part of the process is bring up your live camera, at which point you should see the Pokemon on your screen right in front of you. There will be a Pokeball in the middle that you’ll need to press in order to throw it. You will need to be accurate and make each throw count however as one wrong move can lead to the target running away.


#3. Accessories

You can’t be expected to spend all of your time in search of nearby Pokemon, chances are you’re going to be busy at times when there are Pokemon right under your nose and you’ll be none the wiser. Or at least that would be the case without the companion accessory named “Pokemon Go Plus”. There’s no word on a price or exactly how this will function but early testing suggests that the Go Plus will act as a means of notification, when you aren’t playing the game or don’t have the app open, the Go Plus will vibrate to inform you of nearby Pokemon waiting to be captured and even upcoming events in your local area. (More on that shortly). Good news is that the Go Plus isn’t essential to your experience but if you take your Pokemon mastery seriously, then this might provide you with an advantage.


#4. Obtaining Items

One really cool feature is called “Pokestops” which serve to immerse you even more so in the experience by using your map to mark certain locations as areas in which you can go to find equipment. Pokeballs, Great Ballls and if you’re really lucky, Ultra Balls can all be obtained by visiting these highlighted landmarks and hunting them down. They aren’t first come, first serve and everybody gets equal opportunity to bag themselves some goodies. In rare cases you might even find an egg, which you’ll carry with you and in due time, will hatch into a new Pokemon.


#5. Levels

Much like the handheld games, you will be required to level up your Pokemon through battling and training. Only through levelling up can you increase your chance of finding better items and fighting and finding stronger Pokemon to potentially capture. You can also work with a friend or other trainers and have one on one battles to better learn your Pokemon’s strengths and weaknesses.


#6. Evolution

Whilst levelling up your Pokemon takes on a similar system to the handheld games, evolving them tries something a little different. Now whilst details are still sparse, what we have learned is that be acquiring a number of the same species of Pokemon, only then can you evolve one. It’s an interesting concept if not anything else, and I look forward to seeing how it develops.


#7. Rewards System

This is a game that will be sure to make you work for your rewards, with challenges spanning multiple categories, you’ll find yourself with plenty to choose from. Whilst there are very few details at the moment regarding the type of content within these challenges, it is expected these challenges will be frequent and rich in variety.


#8. Social Aspect

This is where things get really fun. As mentioned earlier, there will be random events taking place that offer specific Pokemon not obtainable otherwise, and there are a limited number of these so it is a first come, first serve basis this time around. On top of that are three teams that you can choose from to join, and within that team you can work with other players to seek domination over the other factions. Each team get their own gym and each team member associated to that gym must pick one Pokemon to defend the gym from other team forces. Possession of these gyms are likely to swap all of the time as teams wrestle for control of the playing field. As you may expect, you will also be able trade Pokemon, but more on that in our next section.


#9. Limitations

Whillst it is true that you won’t be able to find every Pokemon within particular area, that doesn’t mean you won’t have ample opportunity to obtain them in other ways, more specifically through trading with players all over the globe. How the trading system works is still largely under wraps but you aren’t limited to trading within your own team, you may trade with all players you come across, and eventually through an online connection system.


#10. Purchases

What would a mobile game be without in game purchases? For now the type of purchases are unknown but it is said that there will be in game purchases available. There are promises that they will be reasonably priced and wholly beneficial to the player should they wish to use them. Purchases are not essential to the gameplay itself, but as is usually the case, prove to give those who use them a head start.


So that covers all of the new info we have about Pokemon Go, and I for one am absolutely excited for this. It’s closer now than ever before and we hope that the game can live up to even a fraction of it’s potential when it does arrive.


Image Credit – Pokemon.com

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