Terminator Genisys lives!

How much impact does the international box office have on American films? Can it save a franchise? Well it seems that Terminator Genisys may be the proof of the Summer of how much impact foreign markets can have.

Right now Terminator Genisys is tracking to have a massive opening in China. Coming into a mega $27.4 million for the 1 day total. Just to put that into perspective, Jurassic World opened to around $17 million for it’s 1 day total.

There are only 4 movies that have made more in 1 day than Terminator Genisys. The implications of this are rather large, especially for Terminator franchise fans. The movie series will likely live on because of the foreign market total. The domestic market of America tanked almost immediately for the film franchise. There was little interest in the movie and it showed at the box office when it opened up just because July 4th this past Summer.

This movie did get a significant boost in China due to the fact that it was the first American film to be released there since Jurassic World because of Chinese law. Don’t be fooled by the domestic box office, this movie will make a TON of money overseas and it already has.

My prediction: We will start hearing pre-production and script rumors around Christmas time if not earlier. They will look to capitalize, especially in China and the Asian market.

As for Arnold, I’m sure that uhhh…He’ll be back…

Sorry I had to say it!



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