Terminator Genisys

There’s been a lot of buzz over the recent Terminator sequel recently. Mainly because of the rumor that it will be getting a sequel because of the foreign market.

We here at TK Movie Reviews have yet to write a formal review on this movie, and I believe it’s about time to.

Score: 4/10

The movie is good. Predictable in some aspects, and follows a type of formula that Arnold Schwarzenegger movies are known for. This movie seems to update that formula a little bit, but maintains some cheesy moments throughout. The action is good, and even exciting at times. The plot of the whole movie is great for the roughly the first 30ish minutes. Then as we get about a quarter of the way into the 2nd act it begins to drag a not seem like it was too well thought out at those points in the movie.

In a general sense the movie does not necessarily disappoint, especially if you can see this movie for the cheaper matinee prices or at a dollar theatre. The best aspect of this movie is the plot behind the plot. The actors make the plot rather boring, but the idea of Skynet and how it came to be is very interesting. This movie touches on some things that earlier Terminator movies seemed to leave out.

For example, the most interesting concept is how the machines took over. Terminator 3 attempted to show how this happened, but really failed to make it interesting. It’s nice to see the writers of Terminator Genisys show a new side to the rise of Skynet.

This may just be because I was terrified of the robots in the show Terminator 3D at Universal Studios in Orlando, FL, but I remember terminators being TERRIFYING! The raw looking skeletal make up of the terminators themselves was actually scary. An almost impossible to kill machine coming at you with no fear and no visible vulnerabilities. I feel like the movies now are getting away from that. There was a scene or 2 that showed how scary they can actually be, but I would like to somehow find that horror story element to the Terminator series that the 1st movie had and that the 2nd movie evolved.




I am going to keep this short, but the worst part of the movie as a whole was the actors. Jai Courtney delivered lines like I would, they seemed dry and trying very hard to be funny at moments. The only real humor in this movie was from J.K. Simmons, who was sensational in his comic relief parts. The lines he was given were cheesy, but his delivery made them some of the best in the movie.

The new version of the liquid metal T-1000 played by Byung-hun Lee was pretty underserved. He was a pretty bad villain that did not pay off in any way at all, in my opinion. The real bad guy was Jason Clarke’s John Connor. Possibly one of the worst casting choices was Emilia Clarke as Sarah Connor, not to say she’s a bad actress AT ALL. She’s a great actress who has accomplished a lot and did really well with what she had. I just did not feel at all that she matched the intensity that Linda Hamilton brought.

Take away thought: Bring back the horror aspect of the terminator. These things look terrifying, just go look at the cover of T2 Judgment Day. This movie would work way more with audiences if it was pitched as an intense movie about Robot overlords and not about John Connor being mean.



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