The Big ReveAl – Pretty Little Liars Mid-Season Finale

Finally we find out the identities of A, Red Coat, and the Black Widow. This episode is all about the big reveAls so if you aren’t caught up don’t read this because there are some major spoilers ahead. We’ll get there, but let’s start from the beginning.

First off, I love the timing of things on this show. “There’s no way out of here Aria” then a secret door pops open immediately. Welcome back Mona, we’ve all missed you.

Another secret passage into a server room? That seems safe. Sara was smart to stay outside or is she part of this? I haven’t liked her since the beginning and she did know the passcode for the door.

A is CeCe? To be honest I’m not all that surprised. Charles became Charlotte who is now CeCe. She did all of this because she loved Ali who was her very own living doll.

Flashback to Radley, turns out Bethany was besties with Charles. Also, Mrs. Cavanaugh didn’t commit suicide, Bethany pushed her off the roof! Oh snap! I can’t even handle this right now.

I don’t understand why Mrs. D used her power to get CeCe out of Radley when she was the one that put her in there to begin with. Then CeCe sneaks out to visit her family and starts dating her brother so that she can be around them? That is one of the creepiest things I have ever heard!

CeCe hits Ali because she thinks she’s Bethany and Mona kills Bethany because she thinks she’s Ali? What is this craziness? Also, I get that Mrs. D loves both of her daughters, but helping one bury the other, that’s just sick.

Mona was the original A and CeCe just used the game as a way for drugged up Mona to help get her out. Then she puts the four girls at risk to bring Ali out because she thinks she is still alive. I know this girl is crazy and all but she is pretty smart at the same time.

Within minutes it is revealed that Sara Harvey was Red Coat and Black Widow. I would just like to thank Emily for finally punching Sara! I’ve wanted that to happen all season and now I feel a much better.

Game over? Can it be? I guess so, they are all going off to their different colleges.

5 years later? What on earth? What did I just see? Seriously, this episode finally answers the HUGE question of who A and her team is and then they leave us at the mid-season finale with even more questions. I will give the writers credit they do know how to keep the viewer watching.

Now I’m left with a couple more questions:

Are the moms still in the basement? Do Jason and Mr. D survive? Why was Sara apart of this? Who did Ali marry? And who is after her now? They said he’s back, so was CeCe really Charles? What happened to all the significant others (besides Sara) who were mysteriously absent this episode?

So many questions and no answers for the next couple months. I guess now I’ll just have to wait until the midseason premiere to hopefully get some answers.

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