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The Flash Season 1 Review - Cinema Shelf
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The Flash Season 1 Review

Season 1 of The Flash gave CW’s DC universe more depth, characters, and really pushed the limits as to how much CW can do in terms of special effects and storyline. I really enjoyed The Flash and I am really looking forward to season 2.


The characters in this show were just great. Barry Allen is very relatable and his character development is fun to watch. Seeing Barry grow in his skills as the Flash and also seeing how his personal life progressed was fun. The supporting cast in the show all brought their own dynamic. Joe, the man who raised Barry as a child, is an old-school detective and also father of Iris. Iris is your typical young adult woman, with high aspirations and who also happens to be who Barry has a huge crush on. The team at Star labs, Cisco and Caitlin have their own dynamic going on and Dr. Wells (AKA The Reverse Flash) was great as a villain. I feel the acting on this show is better than what we have seen from the earlier seasons of Arrow as well.

Pushing the Limits

In the area of special effects and storyline, CW really pushed the limits for a TV show. As the show dealt with finding all the “Meta-Humans” who gained their powers after the particle accelerator explosion, this means each person will have some sort of power. This calls for special effects for almost every one of these “meta-humans.” Also, not to mention that Barry Allen needed a lot of special effects as well. I felt they did a good job with the speed of the Flash. As far as the story goes, we saw time travel! And we also saw Grodd, a giant talking gorilla! Writing a TV show with time travel can be a huge challenge and if not done carefully can be a disaster. It seems like they did a good job with this show.

How it Ended

If you don’t want to know how the show ends, STOP HERE. Skip to “The bottom line:”

The final episode of this season was intense. We saw Barry really contemplating whether or not he wanted to go back in time to save his mom. Barry and the team had to trust Dr. Wells so that Barry could travel back in time. However, when Barry went back to the night his mom died, his future self told him not to save his mom! We saw a touching moment between Barry and his mom (my wife cried during that part haha) and Barry went back to Star Labs. We see that Dr. Wells was about to leave to go back to his time when Barry breaks his time machine and Eddie shoots himself, therefore eliminating Dr. Wells from existence. The show ends with a huge black hole threatening to suck up the earth. Barry runs in and tries to “diffuse” it by running in the opposite direction of the tornado in the sky. AND THAT IS HOW IT ENDED! I am not a fan of cliff hangers, but I can’t blame CW for doing that. I definitely want to see how Barry fixes things.

The bottom line: Overall, can’t say whether or not it was better than Arrow. I would give the season as a whole a 7/10. Hopefully it will come on Netflix soon so that all of you who haven’t watched it yet can catch up for season 2.

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