The Flash Season 2 Episode 1 & 2 Review

Careful for spoilers!!

Episode 1


Rating: 6.5/10

Overall, I felt this was a good episode but not as strong as Arrow season 4 episode 1. We saw the aftermath of Barry saving the city and the new team. Iris is much more involved with The Flash and Cisco works with the Metahuman taskforce in the Central City Police Department. Barry got a video from Dr. Wells that freed his dad from prison. Barry defeated the Atom Smasher and we get the appearance of Jay Garrick at the end of the episode. The episode did two things for me, it set the tone for the rest of the season and wrapped up many of the loose ends from season 1. I personally would have rather seen Barry in the tornado to start the season off strong.


Episode 2


Rating: 8/10

So, first season introduced time travel and this season…PARALLEL UNIVERSES. We learn that Jay Garrick comes from another earth in a parallel universe. Jay Garrick is the Flash on his earth but has somehow lost his powers when he reaches Barry’s earth. For most of the episode, Garrick is locked up, but is eventually let out when Barry has no other choice. We were introduced to Zoom and the Sand Demon, sent by Zoom from the other earth to destroy all the flashes. New character Patty Spivot joins the metahuman taskforce after multiple attempts at impressing Joe (I think Barry and Patty may date at some point this season). Finally, Barry learns a new weapon, the ability to channel lightning. It is most likely that he will continue to develop that skill more as the season goes on. The rest of the season will deal with metahumans coming through the 52 breaches that were found and Zoom traveling back and forth. This episode was definitely much better than the first.

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