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The Flash Season 2 Episode 10 Review - Cinema Shelf
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The Flash Season 2 Episode 10 Review

Rating: 6/10

Warning, there are SPOILERS in this review. You have been warned.

This is proabably my lowest rating for The Flash ever and it is because quite frankly, I thought the show was a bit boring. Perhaps my expectations were too high after a great first half of the season with an awesome season finale. So much news had been coming out about the series before this episode including the Reverse Flash coming back, that it was a bit disappointing for me how slow this episode was. My thinking was that the CW would have brought the show back from its holiday break with a bang as our “attention getter” to keep us drawn in for the rest of the season.

Now this episode really just served to pick up the pieces where everything left off. The main emphasis of this episode to me seemed to show how relationships were progressing. On one end, we saw the relationship between Joe and Wally West develop. I really didn’t like the way Wally treated Joe in the first half of the episode. Wally was a jerk! It really was not Joe’s fault that he wasn’t there for Wally because Joe had no idea Wally even existed. However, we do see Wally make an attempt later in the episode to get to know his father. Secondly, we saw Patty and Barry’s relationship develop. Barry got advice from Iris to tell Patty that he was The Flash, which was bad advice in my opinion, when Barry was about to tell her, things came up and Barry wasn’t able to tell her. Towards the end of the episode, Patty reveals that she is leaving Central City to study in Midway City. While Patty be on the show anymore? I’m not too sure.

The villain in this week’s episode was “Turtle” as Cisco calls him. His powers were a little complicated but essentially he was able to slow down everyone else by manipulating the kinetic energy around him. This proved to be quite difficult for Barry, causing him to lose speed anytime Turtle activated his powers. Turtle was quite successful against Barry and rightfully so as his powers seem to counter Barry’s pretty effectively. I felt that the way Barry took him down in the end seemed cheap. It seemed that Barry couldn’t move whenever Turtle activated his powers but by gathering a little more kinetic energy he was able to overcome him. While I think this is fine, the way it happened didn’t feel right. In the final scene when Barry fights Turtle, when Turtle activates his powers, Barry pretty much slows down completely. But somehow, Barry was able to muster up more kinetic energy to give him the boost he needed to take down Turtle. It just didn’t feel right to me.

This episode was slow for me and I found it hard to stay interested. If the show wasn’t so good overall, I would be tempted to stop watching. However, The Flash is still one of my favorite shows on TV and I will continue to watch. I know the episodes will get better as time goes on, Zoom is still working towards stealing Barry’s powers and the end of the episode brought back the Reverse Flash. This is Iobar Than, from season 1 of the flash. It should be good to see what impact he has on this season!

What did you think of The Flash Season 2 Episode 10? Let us know in the comments below!

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