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The Flash "Trajectory" Review - Cinema Shelf
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The Flash “Trajectory” Review

Rating: 7.6/10

SPOILER WARNING FOR THE FOLLOWING REVIEW:This review will contain spoilers for the episode discussed, please make sure to watch the episode and then check out this recap, unless spoilers are your thing.

Trajectory was a fun episode that highlighted the theme that the ends do not justify the means, and accomplishing things the right way is what heroes do. Barry and the Flash team are hard at work training Barry to access speeds that will allow him to defeat the ever imposing presence of the season main baddy Zoom. But doing the right thing the right way is usually hard work leaving our team tired and in need of a well deserved break. As the team sets out to go club their worries away, Jesse begs her father Harrison Wells to let her go and see Earth 1 outside the confines of Star Labs. Ever the worrier, Harrison agrees as long as Jesse wears a highly fashionable and meta-human alerting bracelet.

But the Star Lab Clubbers’ night of taking shots and hitting the dance floor gets interrupted when a speedster appears robbing the place, a speedster that leaves in a flash of lightning similar enough to our hero’s that the Flash becomes the prime and only suspect. While Barry is dealing with the revelation of another speedster for him to chase, Jesse in her attempts to bypass Harrison’s protective bracelet uncovers a recording of her father exhibiting his dark side, and his desire to do whatever it takes to protect his daughter.

Iris is put into the difficult position of being charged with writing the expose that will paint the Flash as the criminal responsible for last night’s robbery by her editor in chief Scott, who is tired of the hero worship he feels the Flash is undeservedly getting. Back at Star Labs the team brainstorms how a new speedster could suddenly arrive on the scene and Caitlin admits to Barry about the existence of Velocity 9, a speed drug that Jay was consuming allowing him to gain the speed he needed to save the day. The V9 drug looks like a quick and easy solution to Barry as he overlooks the dangers and only sees his desire to defeat Zoom.

Caitlin and Joe make a visit to a colleague of Caitlin’s at Mercury Labs, Eliza Harmon, who assisted Caitlin in reconstructing the V9 formula for Jay. Eliza is a perfectionist and a hard worker, tired of being passed up for grants and better advancements at Mercury Labs, but in the shadiest way possible she assures Caitlin and Joe she has no idea about the formula. Her evil split personality Trajectory might have an idea though…

Eliza plays a great counterpart to Barry as her desire to accomplish what she wants brings her to inject the V9, bringing out Trajectory (and the corn rows) in the process. This shortcut to achieve her means ultimately spells her downfall as V9 sickens Eliza, making her reach speeds that evaporate her into a blue lightning resembling Zoom’s that causes her end. Barry soon realizes that this means Zoom could be sick, and the team puts two and two together to come to the chilling conclusion we as audiences came to in the previous episode; Zoom has been Jay all along. This does not bode well for Barry’s trust issues.

With all the speedsters running around on this show it was nice to see a female one, even though she was the antagonist and mostly used to mirror the evil side that Barry could find himself entering if he chooses the easy route to defeat his enemies. Iris and Scott get a little fun awkward time together as they argue both pro and anti Flash views while managing to hint at a possible future romantic connection. I like that Harrison’s dark side is being confronted by his daughter, even more highlighting that the ends do not justify the means, and becoming an evil man, even if it is to protect Jesse, is not something Jesse wants to see as she makes the decision akin to Barry’s dad when he got out of prison and to venture out on her own. Now that our team knows Zoom’s identity they will have to cope with their betrayal as well as formulate a plan to stop Zoom’s villainy.

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