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The Intern (2015) Review - Spoilers - Cinema Shelf
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The Intern (2015) Review – Spoilers

Rating: 7/10

The Intern is an enjoyable film from 2015 that will make you feel warm inside. The film stars Robert DeNiro as a “Senior Intern” for Anne Hathaway, the founder of a successful internet company. The film’s strength is playing on the personalities of both DeNiro and Hathaway’s characters, keying in on their interactions throughout the film. The Intern is a blend of both old and new school, making this film fun for any age to watch.

I enjoyed acting in this film. It was unique and both DeNiro and Hathaway did a tremendous job portraying their roles. Robert DeNiro plays Ben Whittaker, a 70 year old man looking for something to do. He is extremely humble and is instantly loved by everyone because of his old-school attitude and loving nature. From the moment I heard Ben speak, I found myself instantly rooting for him to succeed. Anne Hathaway plays Jules Ostin, a very busy and impatient boss of an internet company who quite frankly has no time for anyone. The supporting cast in this film do a great job as well. I enjoyed Ben’s interactions with fellow interns played by Adam DeVine, Zack Pearlman, and Nat Wolff.

Probably what I found to be a pivotal part in this film’s success was the character development. Especially in Jules. Jules starts the film as young, hip leader of a company that is tremendously driven but lacks in her face-to-face interactions with her family and those who work for her. Ben, on the other hand, is amazing with people. We see Jules change from not accepting Ben and wanting him transferred to another department to wanting to hear his advice and opinion on her most important decisions. She realizes through simply being with Ben and watching how Ben lives his life, what kind of person she is. This father-daughter type relationship that Ben has with Jules progresses and Jules realizes how much of a difference Ben has made in her life.

The Intern has a strong theme at its core. The main theme dealt with being able to learn from anyone at any walk of life. Jules immediately ruled Ben out because he was 70 and didn’t know anything about computers at all. Ben couldn’t even turn on his laptop at the beginning of the film. However, through working with Ben and being around him, she learns that she has all the skills to be the CEO of her company. She gets the confidence she needs and we assume that she will run her own company. I recommend checking this movie out, I was very entertained and intrigued with the story. Even though I felt it was pretty predictable.

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