The Last: Naruto the Movie Review

Before I start my post I’ll give a disclaimer. If you haven’t finished reading the Naruto series (both Naruto and Shippuden) you’ll want to stop reading as some of the things that I talk about in this post will give away CRUCIAL information to the main story.

Now typically, I do not watch the Naruto movies because they seem like just longer “filler” episodes that have nothing to do with the main story. They almost feel like a waste of time. I decided to watch this movie because I love Naruto so much (so much that I watched almost all the episodes with my wife after having watched them by myself) and am sad that the story has ended (the manga at least). I was really surprised with how good this movie was and it did not feel like a waste of time!

One of the things I really enjoyed about this movie was seeing all the characters that I loved from the Naruto series back in action and a few years older. Naruto has aged and is now teaching at the school that he was once a student at. It was so fun to see how the other characters that fought alongside Naruto had aged as well! And the craziest part is that Kakashi is the Hokage! I think its so fitting that he is the Hokage as he is probably one of the strongest and smartest ninja in the world. Kakashi was one of my favorite characters in the whole show, although my favorite would have to be Jiraiya. I was so sad when Jiraiya died (Oops! If you haven’t made it that far. Although, that’s on you because that episode/manga has been out for way too long for you to have not seen it already).

Now on to why I felt like this wasn’t a waste of time. Although we knew that Naruto would eventually marry Hinata from the last manga, we never knew how it happened. This movie does a great job of showing the progression of DUMB Naruto and bashful Hinata into a couple at the end of the movie. Sakura deserves much credit as she pushes both Hinata and Naruto into realizing that they love each other.

Enough with the lovey dovey stuff! It was so awesome to see Naruto fighting again. We got to see the perfected Rasen Shuriken in action infused with the nine-tails chakra. Seeing Naruto and Hinata’s chakra infused together was also fitting to the story. It seems like together they would be unstoppable with Naruto’s power and Hinata’s Byakugan. Perhaps the only couple that could compete with them are Sasuke and Sakura. While I thought it was awesome seeing Naruto and Hinata fight, I would have loved to see more from the other characters. We hardly saw Sakura fight and saw a GLIMPSE of Sasuke. I thought the final fight against Toneri was fitting for this movie and the time constraints. I imagine if this fight was in the actual show that it would have lasted for a long time and involved a lot more than just five ninja.

Rating: 7/10. This movie is good for what it is. The main purpose of this movie is to show the relationship of Naruto and Hinata. Don’t come into this expecting Naruto to learn a super powerful new move or have an amazing fight. I can’t wait to see Naruto Gaiden get turned into an anime.

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