The Leftovers Season 2: Should You Watch?

The Leftovers has been a largely overlooked show, at least when it comes to people recommending shows to the average viewer. I am going to take a chance and recommend this show to anyone interested in a show that actually takes brain function to follow, and takes something more than a general interest.

If you’re not familiar with the show, it premiered on HBO for the Summer season in 2014. It came back for a 2nd season this past Fall.

The show is about something similar to the Biblical rapture. In one moment everything is fine, the next moment and earthquake and many people have suddenly vanished. Those that are left are confused, lost, and left to deal with the mystery of where “the departed” have gone. Season 2 brings us to a new city in Texas that is the only place in the world that has ZERO departures.

The 2nd season returned as a soft reboot. Mainly because the first season was scattered and didn’t try to piece things together in a way that a show should in it’s debut season. The first season tried to be more like season 3 of Lost, and by that I mean that it tried offer twists and turns that presented unanswered question for the rest of the show. This bothered many, mainly because it had not earned the questions it was asking, and the fact that it did not answer resulted in a need for re-organization of the show’s format and story.

The show was NOT bad, do not take that away from that paragraph about the first season.

Watching the second season is in many ways a job to watch. Not because it is tough to watch or boring, or anything like that. The reason is mainly because they allow the audience to connect with the characters, and care for the crazy things that occur in the 2nd season. I have to give credit to the writers and directors, because the events that occur in the latter half of the 2nd season is upsetting as a result of the character building in the first part of the season.

The 2nd season is strong to say the least. Find time to watch it. Truck through the 1st season if you have time OR just start in the 2nd season. They do a great job of allowing viewers who haven’t seen any of the first reason jump right in.

The term “soft re-boot” simply means that they moved the story from the town it was set in in the first season. New characters are introduced, and old characters are refined and given a little more depth and reason for their actions. Some of the events of the first season are acknowledged, but other events are completely ignored because they simply didn’t make any since.

Season 2 just concluded with a thrilling season finale, and has been confirmed to be coming back for a 3rd and final season. Maybe we will get ALL the answers that were promised in the 1st season.


Season 2 grade: 7/10


Great, thrilling, mysterious season. Filled with drama, character building, and insane moments sure to impress any fan who wanted more from the 1st season.

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