The Oscars: Order of Award Presentation

Are you excited for The Oscars? Well, so are we! But if you’re like me you want to know what order the awards will be given. Look no further, because we have the complete order of presentation of tonight’s 88th Academy Awards.

If you want to check out some predictions, you can find my (Travis) post here. Anyway, here’s the order of how The Oscars will be presented!

  1. Best Supporting Actor
  2. Costume Design
  3. Makeup and Hair Styling
  4. Foreign Language Film
  5. Live Action Short Film
  6. Documentary: Short Film
  7. Sound Mixing
  8. Sound Editing
  9. Best Supporting Actress
  10. Visual Effects
  11. Animated Short Film
  12. Animated Feature Film
  13. Production Design
  14. Cinematography
  15. Film Editing
  16. Documentary: Feature
  17. Original Song
  18. Original Score
  19. Original Screenplay
  20. Adapted Screenplay
  21. Best Director
  22. Best Actor
  23. Best Actress
  24. Best Picture

Enjoy the awards and be sure to follow us on Twitter @CinemaShelf for all of the winners and updates throughout the entire show!

Also, fingers crossed we don’t exceed 3.5 hours this year!!


Info Source: Forbes

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