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The Walking Dead 616 "Last Day on Earth" Predictions - Cinema Shelf
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The Walking Dead 616 “Last Day on Earth” Predictions

Show and Comic Spoilers Ahead

This is it. The big one. Arguably The Walking Dead’s biggest threat is on his way and he brings with him a bombshell of unthinkable proportions. We can’t forget though that there are a number of other ongoing plots that need their time to shine. As we prepare for 90 minutes of intensity, heartbreak and hopefully something to smile about… We’re going to go through each of these loose ends and give some predictions on how this is going to play out. With a show as unpredictable as The Walking Dead though, that proves to be more challenging than you might give credit.


Let’s get into it.


#1. Where’s Carol?

Situation – Last week we saw Carol leave the walls of Alexandria as she continues her downward spiral into hopeless oblivion, she fears that because she can no longer bring herself to kill, she can’t protect the people she loves. She shows this by… killing… more people… Are you sure you’re struggling with this Carol? Now fair enough, in that moment, it did seem very much like a life or death situation, and Carol chose life, who can blame her? Once she had dispatched of the Saviours, she continued on and that was last we see of her. We got a brief and cruel scare when Rick and Morgan found a walker in a field, but it was revealed to be a random victim. Phew. We leave this plotline with Morgan going solo and continuing his search for Carol. If you thought that was too optimistic an end, fear not, because here’s the twist. A Saviour who survived Carol’s attack is also on her tail, having found her Rosemary necklace, he is definitely going to have a role in what happens next.


Prediction – From the promos we’ve seen, and by a process of elimination, what we do know is that Morgan finds a horse (and we all know how that usually works out for our poor horse friends). I cannot imagine that this mini arc goes beyond the season finale, so I think Morgan will find Carol, but I think he will find her in a precarious situation, perhaps on the defence from our Saviour foe. This next part may seem a little bold but I believe Morgan will kill this man after he proves too relentless and aggressive towards a wounded Carol. (I believe Carol will need to be in a deep amount of trouble for Morgan to go that far, and so a wounded Carol pleading for her life may be the straw that breaks the camels back). This is also provides a big bonding moment between the two with Morgan having to get blood on his hands to save somebody else, seeing the picture from Carol’s point of view. It’s a dynamic that adds a real interest for me personally so I am hoping it happens. From this point I predict they will be overrun by a larger group of Saviours and we shall see them again later on. (More on that soon.)


Will They Die? – No. This current tussle of humanity with Morgan has invigorated Carol as a character and perhaps even added some longevity to her lifespan in the show. You can’t have one without the other though, at least for now. So I do believe they are safe this time around.

#2. Maggie’s Baby Woes

Situation – So the last time we saw Maggie, she was admiring a new haircut one moment, then she was in a pile on the kitchen floor the next, clutching at her stomach and clearly in agony. However she did have Enid by her side and although Glenn is currently absent, Rick has returned to Alexandria, and there are a few of our core survivors at hand and itching for some action.


Prediction – Maggie needs a doctor, and with our friendly neighbourhood Denise out of the picture, her only hope now rests at The Hilltop. So it looks like group are going to go on a little journey. However along the way it does appear they run into some trouble, and I predict that this time they won’t be so easy to shake off. With Aaron stepping up, I think he may take a bullet in this little altercation which gives the group a reason to stick around and fight this battle. With Maggie in a condition of unknown levels of danger, it is important they reach The Hilltop as soon as possible, except they won’t. Our group will probably lose somebody here and be dragged into our nail biting conclusion. (Yes I’ll get to that).


Will They Die? – Maggie will not die. I don’t exactly have a reason as to why, but my gut feeling is that Maggie isn’t dying. I think she’s been showing more of a leadership side these past few weeks for a reason, and I believe she’ll fall into that role in a larger capacity sooner or later. Aaron however, I think he dies in the crossfire.


#3. Daryl’s Condition and Rosita’s Predicament

Situation – At the conclusion of last weeks episode, Daryl was compromised, and shot by Dwight. How did it come to this? Well Daryl, still fuming after the events of his last meeting with Dwight, sets out to claim revenge on him and his group, having tracked his… tracks back to their last known spot he is stopped by Rosita, Glenn and Michonne, (I’ll explain why those two get their own slot.) After a failed attempt to talk him into coming home, Glenn and Michonne head back but Rosita stays with Daryl.


Prediction – Daryl is clearly going to be in a bad way, he is either in a critical condition or he is incapacitated, I opt for the second option, if Daryl is to die, it’s going to be a bigger deal than what we got last week. Whilst I am not suggesting it will be a big heroes death, I do believe it would require more than a cut to black. I’m torn on whether we see these two during the episode or only at the conclusion. I mean they have to be there, it’s the season finale after all. But I will say that we don’t see them until near the end. It could be that there is a scene with an escape effort being stopped but the primary focus of the episode will probably be finding ways to get these characters all in one spot, and I think with Daryl and those guys caught already, we don’t need to see how they arrive there.


Will They Die? – I think that gun shot actually saves Daryl. Rosita is becoming a more prominent player in the show and I’m enjoying her rise. She’s not going to die yet, there’s more to come from her I believe. Daryl on the other hand is in the midst of this feud with Dwight and I think there’s plenty more to come between these two. Daryl may be the catalyst to a Dwight redemption angle down the line. We’ve seen brief glimpses of humanity in him and we know how far Daryl has come from the man he used to be. It’ll be interesting to see how this progresses and more importantly… where that crossbow ends up next.


#4. Tara and Heath

Situation – Okay so Tara and Heath have gone away on a two week supply run, how long has passed in the show since then? Probably not two weeks but we haven’t seen them since. With Denise dead, that leaves us with an impending piece of sad news for Tara to return too and Heath also seemed to be good friends with her.


Prediction – I am hoping for a small scene with these two on their journey, if only even to see them talking about Denise and Tara mention the little promise Denise made to her for when she returns. It will be such a sad revelation, having seen her excitement and not knowing what has really happened.


Will They Die – No. Pretty simple, they aren’t close enough to the main plot for a death to be necessary and we may not even see them this episode.


#5. Glenn and Michonne

Situation – In their fruitless endeavour of trying to reason with Daryl, Glenn and Michonne were captured by Dwight and his boys for their troubles. Gagged and bound and sat in the woods, they watched helplessly and Dwight shot Daryl. All this on a day where they were supposed to be setting up watch points back home. Who would have guessed it.


Prediction – Okay so now the reason these two get their own section, here’s the thing. They are my personal picks as the favourites to die in this episode, I think come the conclusion, we’re going to see one of these two bite the bullet. (Or the bat…) but which one? Well…


Will They Die? – Okay so will they both die? No. Will one of them die? I think so, and my pick goes to… Glenn. Now I know it’s likely that everybody and their mother picked Glenn to be the one but here’s the thing. He has the most to lose, and it gives Maggie the Launchpad to become the hard hearted, no nonsense leader she has shown she can be in her interactions with Gregory. Glenn is about to be a dad and this happy family are about to hit a very hard brick wall.


#6. Hi, I’m Negan

Situation – All the talk, all the build up, all the hype leads to this very moment. We saw our first glimpse of Negan in the promo for this episode, and what it means for our survivors is something that will send shockwaves through the very core of their world. We know for a fact we are going to see Negan and the lovely Lucille finally brought to life. The real question though, is how does this really effect Rick and co.


Prediction – This is where the comic spoilers come into play so you get one last warning. Okay? If you’re still here I’m going to assume you’ve made up your mind. Now in Negan’s big introduction our survivors are caught off guard and lined up in front of Negan, who goes on to give a menacing speech and declare that one of our Survivors are going to die as reimbursement for so many of his people dying. I believe this will almost play out word for word and with the same consequences. I think it’s going to be a moment we will truly never forget and absolutely never quite get over.


Will They Die? – Rick? Carl? Absolutely not. I think the honours go to Glenn and everybody else will suffer the emotional scars that we the viewers will be burdened with.


So to recap, I think Aaron will die on the road, during an altercation with the Saviours and Glenn will quench Lucille’s thirst. I think the episode is going to the biggest and most unforgivjng one yet, and with the weight of the expectation on the shows shoulders, I think they will deliver in a huge way.


Let me know what you think will happen, who you think will die and if you think Lucille will get her sustenance before the end credits hit and our jaws drop!

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