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The tensions are rising as the show closes in on its season 6 finale with the latest episode East. The Saviors continued to be much more than just a nuisance to Rick and his family at Alexandria, and Carol, starting to feel the weight of what she has become to survive, leaves in an attempt to ease the growing ball building inside her. Following the sudden and devastating death of Denise, a group led by a very distraught Daryl and Rosita go on a mission to hunt her killer, Dwight, down for good.

I loved the gloomy shots that were ever present in the background for most of this episode, it hits the perfect tone and sets the path that is leading the story-line for our friends in Alexandria. I would just like to ask that someone please give Melissa McBride a ton of awards for her work and what she has done with Carol as a character. As Rick describes her later on, she is force of nature, and given the depths Carol has gone to in the last few seasons that is definitely seen and felt. Carol chooses to abandon Alexandria and leave on her own, a choice that neither Rick nor Morgan decide they can live with, and together venture off to bring her back.

Carol has got a heavy Furosa vibe going for her, and her spiked out car she is traveling in down the road looks like it wouldn’t be out of place in Mad Max’s Fury Road world. Minding her own business, she gets shot out by a gang of Saviors in a pick-up truck. As one identifies themselves as Hero, he tells Carol (or Nancy as she’d like to go by) that they want information from her, particularly about Alexandria. Carol is able to quickly take of them with a gun hidden up her sleeve, as she makes her way into the woods.

Daryl can’t let it go that his actions in sparing Dwight ultimately brought about the death of Denise. Ignoring protocol as he always loves to do, he takes off in search of the sleazeball that murdered his friend, and Alexandria’s only doctor. Knowing it’s not smart to venture out alone, Glenn, Rosita, and Michonne volunteer to be back-up as they set out after him.

I love the dynamics that Morgan brings to the show, especially when he is set in contrast to characters like Rick and Carol. I feel that Morgan is working as Rick’s muffled conscience, always being the voice of compassion and mercy that has as of late been silenced by Rick’s survival and kill instead of be killed mentality. Morgan has to voice the fact that people can come back, that treating life as precious and sacred provides a return and comes back around full circle. What Rick and Carol both have had to do, had to become, to survive in this new world has made them forget about the power of life, and the strength in mercy. Morgan admits to Rick about the Wolf that he sparred, that he should have killed, and how then that Wolf kidnapped Denise and could have killed her but instead saved her, so she could go on to save Carl when he was missing an eye and almost at death’s door. This reality hitting Rick is very palpable, and a great revelation for Rick to be presented with where his character currently stands. Morgan tells Rick to return back to Alexandria, return to where he is needed most, and that Morgan himself will find and God willing, bring Carol back home.

Glenn is unsuccessful as he tries to talk some sense into Daryl. Rosita decides Daryl is right and the two of them decide they aren’t going to just let it go that Dwight shot Denise. Glenn and Michonne tread back home when are apprehended by none other than the sleazeball himself, Dwight. Nothing can make me more nervous than when Glenn is in danger and adding Michonne into it is just cruel. Taken prisoner they are tied up and placed to be the perfect trap as Daryl and Rosita close in on their friends. Before they can make a rescue though, Dwight (this guy is really starting to bug me!) takes them by surprise and following a gunshot, an off centered camera angle, and blood splatter we as an audience are left with the fact that Daryl undoubtedly was shot, but was it fatal? We close to Dwight’s lingering words of “you’ll be alright”. I doubt it Dwight, I seriously doubt it.

East succeeds in building the tension that will explode without a doubt in the special 90 minute season finale next week. With Morgan on the hunt for Carol, Glenn, Michonne, Rosita and a very much shot Dary still in the confines of Dwight and his Saviors, and Maggie experiencing some ultimate childbearing pains, we can only be left guessing who will remain standing next week. Especially with the mysterious Negan finally making his presence on the scene.

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