TK Skip & Watch August 6-9

If you’re thinking about going to a movie this weekend, KEEP READING. This guide exists to help you save money, or rather not WASTE money on terrible movies. Unless you are using MoviePass, then go for it.

What NOT to watch: Fantastic Four 

Disclaimer for this part: If you are an avid comic book fan, than you should probably watch this. But everyone else SHOULD follow this.

When I first heard this franchise was being rebooted, I was excited about the possibility of someday seeing an X-Men/Fantastic Four crossover since they are both made by 20th Century Fox. Seeing the trailer changed this whole feeling for me. I am not excited at all about this movie. The movie has a respectable cast but is just too different from the originals for me to be excited anymore. I think I like their new take on The Thing though. What do you think?


What to Watch: The Gift

I haven’t heard much about this movie except for the fact that it stars Jason Bateman. This thriller is about the life of Simon and Robyn (played by Rebecca Hall) who have a somewhat perfect life when they run into Simon’s friend from high school, Gordo played by Joel Edgerton. After this encounter, the couple starts receiving mysterious gifts and “uninvited encounters” which start to make Robin question who her husband really is. This story just seems to set up some dramatic twist and quite frankly, after hearing the plot, I’m interested. If I wasn’t going to watch Fantastic Four I would probably go see this movie. It got a ridiculous 93% on Rotten Tomatoes so it should be pretty good.

Other Movies this week: Ricky and the Flash

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