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Top 5 Live-Action Disney Movies that Need to be Made - Cinema Shelf
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Top 5 Live-Action Disney Movies that Need to be Made

It seems that we live in an era of Disney that is making a tremendous effort into making some of the classic Disney animated movies we love into live action feature length films. We’ve already seen Cinderella this year and we have several other live-action movies coming in the next few years. The Jungle Book comes in 2016, Pete’s Dragon in 2016, and Beauty and the Beast in 2017. We’ve also seen announcements for Mulan and Dumbo movies.

Hearing all this news got me thinking. What classic Disney animated movie would I like to see made into a live-action movie? The following list will exclude any of the movies listed above.

  1. The Hunchback of Notre Dame

This classic story of Quasimodo could easily be transferred from an animated to a live-action film. This is the main reason this film makes it on this list. I don’t remember this movie as much as a child as I do others on this list but the music is still so ingrained in my head. There are also many deep themes expressed in this story that could resonate with viewers today. I would love for Disney to retell this not as popular story with the world.

  1. The Little Mermaid

This is probably the most challenging movie to do in my list. When making my list, I tried to keep the movies realistic and what I think could actually be done well. I’m not sure how I would personally handle the talking fish in this movie, but if there is anyone who can make this movie work, it’s Disney. This movie was one of the most beloved of all the Disney movies for many people. I would love to see a live-action crab with a Caribbean accent singing “Under the sea.”

  1. The Sword in the Stone

This was really one of my favorite movies as a kid. Currently, it seems that the medieval theme is quite popular with several TV shows and movies being based in that time period. This movie is more than doable as far as effects go. The toughest part would be the magic scenes with Merlin in them.

  1. Aladdin

Arguably one of the overall best animated movies Disney has done. There are so many things to like about this movie. There is already a Broadway version of this classic movie, now Disney needs to just take it one step further and make it a feature length film. Think about how AMAZING it would have been to see Robin Williams play the genie again? There would be a need for good special effects in this movie, but not anything that Disney can’t handle.

  1. Hercules

This is my favorite of all the Disney animated films. Partially because of the music. If this was made into a live-action film, I would love for the “Muses” who sing on the pottery to still be a part of the movie. I just loved how they were supposed to sound like a gospel choir and were so funny. I also want to see this movie because the Hercules film that starred “The Rock” did not satisfy what I would want to see in that film (check out our podcast review of the 2014 release of Hercules). I would love to see all the Greek mythological creatures brought to life and defeated by Hercules. There’s just so much about this movie that I liked and I feel like if the right amount of comedy and serious, intense action are brought together, it could be a great movie.


What do you think? Were there any movies here not on your list? Let us know what was on your list in the comments below!

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