Top 5 Moments from Fear The Walking Dead Episode 5

Rating: 7/10

With just one episode left, Fear the Walking Dead is turning out to be a great show. We can definitely see a buildup coming in the form of an inevitable confrontation between the community and the military.

Here’s my top 5 moments from Episode 5:

5. Travis isn’t able to shoot the walker.

Travis demands to go to the hospital to see the 11 people taken from their community only to not ever make it there. He ends up being forced to shoot a walker only to not be able to do it. Travis still values the walkers as humans. He has a good heart and will probably only kill if he has to in order to survive.

4. We see where Nick, Griselda, and Liza went.

They are indeed at some sort of medical facility but that is focused on helping whoever can be helped but also putting people with bites away from everyone else. There is an interesting man locked up in the same cage as Nick. I assume he will play a big part in how they get out.

3. Daniel tortures the soldier.

One of the most intense scenes in this episode involved Daniel torturing Ofelia’s soldier boyfriend in order to get information out of him. We later learn that he was involved in some war where he most likely tortured or was tortured himself.

2. We learn what Cobalt is.

The soldier informs Daniel, Madison, and Travis that Cobalt is a military initiative to evacuate LA. This involves all the civilians being killed and the military leaving. Obviously, there is a reason why they are doing this. The military knows something that we don’t.

1. Griselda dies.

In my article last week, I predicted that Griselda would die. Although this may have seemed pretty easy to predict, it’s a decently big thing as Griselda was part of the core family that this show involved. I think Daniel will be really upset and go crazy when he finds out she is dead. That should be fun to watch.


How do you think the show will end? Let us know in the comments below!

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