Top 5 Moments from the New Batman V Superman Trailer

Last week we got a HUGE trailer for the March 2016 film Batman V Superman. In my opinion, we got way too much information in this trailer, but either way the movie looks to be pretty good. Here’s my top 5 moments from the trailer:

5. Bruce Wayne & Clark Kent meet

Screen Shot 2015-12-08 at 9.15.01 PM

So first thing, we know for sure that Ben Affleck is playing Bruce Wayne. So no more conspiracy theories about how Ben Affleck is Deathstroke. I thought it was great seeing both Kent and Wayne interact with each other knowing who each other really is. It is very obvious that they are not fond of each other through their dialogue.

4. Lex Luthor Arrives


I actually don’t mind Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor although I have heard theories that he could be playing Lex’s son. However, Lex is huge in the movie because he will add some fuel to the fire between both Clark and Bruce, which will lead to their epic fight. Also, Eisenberg’s character will be responsible for whatever villain we see in this film.

3. General Zod’s Dead Body Makes an Appearance


Fellow Kryptonian to Superman, Lex Luthor will be using corpse of General Zod to make his ultra strong monster that Batman an Superman will eventually have to team up to fight.

2. Wonder Woman is Revealed


One of the core members of the Justice League, Wonder Woman finally ends up on the big screen. Showing her is a huge moment because she will play a huge roll in future DC Comics movies. What did you think of her jumping in front of the attack by Doomsday? Was that a good way to introduce her into the DC Cinematic Universe?

1. We see Doomsday



So if you didn’t already know, Batman V Superman actually does have a villain in the form of Doomsday. While this is indeed the biggest moment in the trailer, I was unhappy with the showing of Doomsday because it was WAY too revealing. Either way, here he is. Doesn’t he look like he belongs in the new Michael Bay Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles?

What did you think of the Batman V Superman trailer? Let us know in the comments below!

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