Top 5 Moments of Fear The Walking Dead Episode 3

Rating: 8/10

After a week off, Fear the Walking Dead brought the most action and suspense we’ve seen from this show so far. We got to see more than one walker and got some crazy visuals (I’m mainly talking about the part where the neighborhood walker gets his head blown off). I’m much happier with this episode. Here’s my top 5 moments:

  1. People rioting in the streets.

It was really interesting to see the streets being rioted. The people are rioting because of what would normally be seen as police brutality. In reality, the people are upset because the cops unloaded their guns on a walker. What I found really crazy was in the middle of the rioting were people being eaten by walkers with everyone too busy to notice!

  1. The group is finally assembled.

We finally got Travis’s group which consisted of Travis, his son Chris, and his ex-wife along with the Hispanic family united with Madison and her two children. Now that we finally have our whole group assembled we can move on with the show.

  1. The group kills Peter, the neighborhood walker.

So far, our characters have had to defend themselves in every episode from a walker in some sort of way. In episode one, we saw Nick run over a walker with a car and in episode two, Madison and Tobias had to defend themselves against the zombified principal. This episode’s fight is significant because we saw our first definite kill. It took two shots to the head with a shotgun. This is important as it teaches the cast how to kill the walkers.

  1. The group learns that walkers are dead.

It seems that Travis is the pacifist of the group, not wanting to kill walkers and not being very fond of guns. I think Travis will change eventually. For now, it seems that at least Nick and Madison both believe the walkers are indeed dead.

  1. The National Guard steps in.

I actually didn’t see this point coming and didn’t expect the show to take this route. It looks like the family is now stuck in their home for the time being. Will they end up having to stay there for the rest of the season? There are a lot of things that could happen. Perhaps there will be a growing tension between the Salazar family and Travis’s gang.


Bonus: Did you see the plane at the end of the episode? I noticed a plane in episode 2 as well but is this plane the one that AMC will be making their special on? Check out news on the AMC special on a plane here!


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