Tracy Morgan Returns to SNL

Tracy Morgan has had an incredibly hard journey, and this past Saturday’s episode of Saturday Night Live showed that he refuses to let adversary keep him down.

Admittedly, SNL has been rather lack-luster over the past few years. There are some great sketches here and there, but seemingly they have had some casting issues over the past few years. I stopped watching the entirety of the show and now usually only watch clips the next day (which, by the way, most of the 20 somethings do as well).

This week was a little different, mainly because Tracy Morgan was coming back to host. I won’t spend time going over all the stuff he went through to get back to where he is, but it is an incredible story that you should check out.

The sketches were hilarious from the beginning to the end. The hour show flew by very quickly. This is something you will want to check out if you watched shows like 30 Rock. The guest appearances are great, and I laughed in every sketch at least once, which is something that rarely happens when I spend (waste) a whole hour watching an episode of SNL.

Check it out on Hulu!

Score: 9/10

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