“Unfinished Business” Review

Mild spoilers, but it doesn’t really matter

Have you ever seen a Vince Vaughn comedy? Well then you’ve seen his character in this movie. And that makes this movie not very original and not that great.

The 1 saving grace of this movie is that the characters played by Tom Wilkinson and Dave Franco are left not fully explained.

What do I mean by that? Well most movies will take WAY to much time to try and justify a character being in the movie. This movie does no such thing with these 2.

It works in this context because we are left to believe that Dave Franco has something wrong with him? (don’t worry not that much of a spoiler)

The plot is not that great, and it mixes in WAY to much serious elements that throws off the comedy. I found myself feeling distracted by the amount of sad things in the movie. This movie doesn’t really have that fun of a journey as the previews made it seem, and it’s resolution isn’t even that great.

It’s exactly what you think really, which might sound cliché, but trust me. Vince Vaughn is no different really in this movie than he is in almost any other. I did laugh a couple times, but mostly at Dave Franco’s insanity in this movie and the fact that all his stuff is so random that’s its pretty funny.

Would I recommend this movie? Maybe if it came on FX or HBO or something and you just so happened to be bored, then yes. I don’t think it was good, but then again I did have a little fun watching it with friends.

Some of the writing was really clever, and I really enjoyed not knowing the whole backstory of Franco and Wilkinson’s characters.

Overall I’d give this a 3.5 out 10


Article by: Travis Thomas

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