“V for Vendetta” Review


What better is there to do when sitting on a plane for 6 hours with no internet access than bring out a movie? At over 20,000 feet in the sky, I got the chance to watch V for Vendetta for the first time. I had always heard people in person and over social media say “Remember, remember the 5th of November” but never really understood what that meant. It makes so much sense now! I recommend watching this movie when you get the chance just so that you can know what you’re talking about come next November 5th.

Without giving too much away, this movie takes place in the year 2038 where Britain is run by a somewhat communist seeming government. This government enforces a curfew and controls what the people watch on TV. The man in the mask known simply as “V” plans to make things right on November 5th, which is where the saying comes from. While being set in the future with a tyrannical government, V for Vendetta does not nearly feel like another Hunger Games or Divergent series movie.

The story is written by the Wachowski Brothers and stars Natalie Portman (A.K.A. Queen Amidala or Jane Foster) and Hugo Weaving (A.K.A. Elrond). The action scenes and special effects are well done for 2006. I also found it very interesting that this was a D.C. Comics movie. Upon doing some further research, I learned that D.C. had a short run of publishing V for Vendetta comics.

One of the reasons I liked this movie so much was because of the acting done by Hugo Weaving. Although we never saw his face the whole movie, Weaving did a great job of portraying his character without the use of his face. The speed in which he spoke was simply AMAZING. There is a scene near the beginning of the movie where V goes through this soliloquy using mainly words that start with the letter V. I was blown away. Have to give a lot of credit to Hugo Weaving for an excellent performance.

The bottom line: Overall, I was entertained. V for Vendetta had me intrigued from the very first scenes of the movie although I found some of the dialogue with the detective a bit boring. Hugo Weaving does a great job with this character. V for Vendetta gets a solid 7/10.


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