Vinyl Ep. 6: Cyclone Review

Rating: 7.5/10

Spoilers Ahead for this episode.

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Well, it’s official: Richie has lost his mind. This episode provides a point of view from a drugged out maniac that has no grasp on life. There’s not much good that happens in this episode, except that it’s possibly the most interesting so far. The 7.5/10 I give this episode is almost completely based the idea that Richie has finally lost his grip completely by imagining someone being with him who is, in fact, dead. The 2nd reason this show gets that high of a rating and not a 4/10 rating from me is because of the continuation of the great casting of actors to be 1970s music icons. This week we got an awesome David Bowie, and even a solid tribute at the end for Bowie’s recent passing.

What this episode fails on is yet another odd musical performance by a music star. This week we had Bruno Mars on the show, which was good, but felt very out of place.

Devon finally returns home to Richie after doing some very odd things in the beginning of the episode. Once we see her speak to Richie again we realize that the guy Richie is seeing may not be real. She looks very panicked when he says he’s been hanging out with the guy we’ve been seeing him talk to all episode long. Something, admittedly, felt off the entire episode. Once I saw Devon freak out and leave Richie I figured that something was off. Then we realize that he’s imagining this guy when he turns around and he has what seems like a gun shot wound.

Once we realize what’s been going on, we can go back through the episode and see how crazy and insane Richie must have seemed to literally everyone he came in contact with.

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Other than the craziness with Richie, we get some more development on the punk band Jamie found. This is perhaps one of the more exiting story lines we are seeing in this show. For one, when most of the people that I spoke to about this show heard about it, we all assumed it’d be a more serious show, but actually be about the 1970s music industry. Kind of how Entourage is about the movie industry, except this would have been a dramatic and more serious take on the industry. This is not necessarily a slight from me to this show, but it is to say that I am disappointed this show has become about a murder rather than about music and a cool period piece-type show.

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The show is still good, and it might be worth watching if we get a few more solid episodes. The show comes on Sunday nights at 9pm on HBO. Or catch it on HBOgo/HBOnow.

Photo Source: HBO’s YouTube

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