Vixen Episode 2 Review

Rating: 7/10

Go watch the episode if you haven’t yet, its only 6 minutes long on CW Seed! And check out our Episode 1 review here as well!

Spoilers Below!

So the episode started out exactly where we were left off, with Mari and her foster father being held at gunpoint. Mari uses the powers from her necklace to get out of the bad situation and we learn that her father does not know about her powers. He is knocked out while it all happens. The fight scene was really interesting because we got to see a little of how her powers work. Her shadow appeared to be different animals such as a gorilla and tiger but she remained in her human body. She got the powers and strength of those animals without actually taking their form.

We then got a flashback to a conversation with her late foster mother in a scene that shows Mari getting the necklace that grants her powers. We also learn that the necklace formerly belonged to Mari’s birth mother. Perhaps eventually we will get more background on her parents? Mari then goes to an expert who looks at the necklace and tells her the legend that the stone on the necklace was made by a god named “Anansi” who gave the stone to a warrior named Tantu. Does Tantu have some relation to Mari? This expert then tells us the secret of Mari’s powers. The necklace gives the wearer access to the “Ashe” of the animal kingdom and he later explains it give the wearer the speed of a cheetah and strength of an elephant, you get the picture. Finally, we’re left with somewhat of a cliffhanger, with the professor working with the bad guys who tried to get the necklace from her earlier in the episode. We still don’t know who the bad guys are.

This episode did a good job of setting up the story for this miniseries and we can kind of tell where the show is headed. I’m curious to see when Cisco from The Flash will come in and actually give Mari her name, Vixen. The action scene in the beginning of the episode did a great job of showing us what her powers look like. Based on what we have seen so far, I think that CW will be able to portray her powers in this form on a live-action show. Using the shadows doesn’t seem to be a difficult special effect to do. I’m excited to see the rest of this story play out!


Image credit: CW Seed

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