Vixen Episode 3 & 4 Review – Spoilers

Rating: 7/10

In episode 3 of Vixen we see the story pick up quite a bit. Mari shows her foster father the powers in her necklace and quickly learns how the necklace works. Although she was too afraid to fly. We also got to see Cisco and Barry from The Flash. Cisco discovers Mari with a facial recognition software they get from Felicity. It is here that just like in The Flash, Cisco gives Mari her metahuman name, Vixen. Barry decides to go get Oliver from Arrow to talk to Mari. They show up at her door and Mari immediately runs away.

Episode 4 starts where this whole show started. We get to see how strong Vixen really is. She is fast enough to out maneuver both Barry and Oliver and even caught and broke one of Oliver’s arrows! It kind of seemed like Oliver was trying to simply keep up with Barry and Vixen at times. I thought it fit well when Oliver yelled “Stop!” and Mari comes back saying “I know, I failed my city.” We also got to see one of Mari’s new powers, camouflage. Eventually, Mari’s inexperience catches up to her and she ends up falling and then is able to call upon her bird powers to fly away. We also got a voice appearance from Felicity while Flash and Arrow are talking to Mari. Overall, the conversation doesn’t go very well and Mari ends up seeing the professor for more help. The episode ends with her at gunpoint with someone who looks like a relative.

Overall, I liked these two episodes. I believe there are two episodes left. I’m very curious to see where the show goes. How will Mari get out of the tight situation? Who is the woman holding her at gunpoint? Will Flash and Arrow save the day and become friends with Vixen?? Guess we’ll just have to wait till next week.


Image source: CWSeed

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