This weekend provides an interesting challenge when it comes to recommending what to watch and what to skip. My honest advice is to go see both of these movies, but for the sake of time and money (both of which we all have very little) I am only going to recommend 1.


Watch it

No Escape, this seems like a formidable come back for Owen Wilson. The trailers are exciting and give me that tension of not knowing what’s about to happen next. The only thing that we can hope for is that this movie doesn’t spiral into 20 sequels that are almost the same thing but slightly different circumstances (I’m looking at you, Taken). I have no real idea if this movie will be entertaining, but this is shaping up to be a great cap to the Summer and lead into the Fall movie season. Go see this if you can only see 1 movie this weekend.


Skip it

We Are Your Friends, yes this is Zac Efron and it will probably make money. But to be honest, if you want to see the entire movie then watch the trailer. It gives you the jist of the story beats and basically ruins any shocking surprises in the movie. Don’t think I’m saying this movie will be bad, because it actually looks like something I would like to see. Honestly, I’d go see this as well as No Escape, but I’ll wait on this in the dollar theatre. BUT this movie will be good if it somehow starts building a High School Musical shared universe. Fingers crossed, guys.


Trailer:We Are Your Friends

Trailer: No Escape

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