Podcast: Batman V. Superman (Awful) Marketing, Plus News and What We’ve Been Watching!

First off, We apologize for the late post for this podcast. Second off, We apologize for not including the Oscar segment. We were going to, and we even talk about it on the podcast, but we think it’d be better to wait to give a full podcast completely dedicated to the oscars when we get closer to the event. So even though we discuss the segment, the oscar segment is not included.

DC, Star Wars, Pirates, and Mummies! We talk about it all this week in news. Plus we talk about some of the great movies and TV we’ve been watching. No real complaints this week on that front.

But hear why Kameona and Travis think DC is completely screwing up on the Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice marketing! Do you agree? Hit us up in the comments below and let us know! OR find us on Twitter!

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