Will The Revenant Live Up to Expectations?

As Oscar season approaches, we begin to hear the meanderings of front-runners and movies that are “must-sees”. One point of discussion that always comes up is that Leonardo DiCaprio has yet to win an Academy Award, BUT could this be the year that will change that? It might be. As early reviews of The Revenant come in, we begin to get an understanding of why this may be Oscar-bait, as some critics are saying.

A movie that was filmed with only natural light and shot in chronological order comes into theaters on Christmas day we will learn whether or not Leo deserves an Oscar for this award, and whether or not the film’s director, Alejandro González Iñárritu, can follow up his win from last year with another masterpiece. 

Without fail, after the trailer was shown in any theater I was in I have had the person sitting beside me lean over and say something like “that movie looks so amazing”. This may end up being true, but the trailer does not look like the film that will be enjoyed by everyone. Just like Birdman, this movie seems to be an independent touch that movie-goers may not be used to. Don’t take this article as a warning, but more of a cautionary tale to not come out of the theater saying “that movie sucked” simply because it was as “badass” as you thought it was going to be. This movie will be good, to an extent, and it’s fair to say that it will be dark and gritty. BUT something you should also consider is that it won’t be like a normal movie you see in theaters in 2015, or even 2016 for that matter.

I have yet to see this movie, but if you have an appreciation for film itself – I can assure you that you will have a good time regardless of how good this movie actually is. Iñárritu is absolutely known for being adventurous and creative, take Birdman for example: even if you thought movies like Whiplash were better, you had a great appreciation for how hard and creative someone has to be to manage making a film like that.

If you’re wanting to know whether I think this movie will be good or not, the short answer is: I have no idea. But if you want my opinion if you should go spend your money on it, then I’ll say: only go to it if you don’t usually make snap judgements of movies right after they’re done. This movie is most likely meant to be sat on for a little bit. Think about it, soak in the actual art the filmmakers and actors created. Don’t just look for flashy things, and don’t just go see this because your local critic says “best movie in ages” or something like that.

The real question is: will this movie live up to the expectations? What do YOU think!? Email us or Tweet to us @CinemaShelf


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